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A Better Life



50 mins


YAO Qingmei give an on-site performance at Aranya amphitheater. Aranya community is a not only a privatopia that is out of the world, a typical gated community, but also an enclosed theater for attracting the audience. The performance explore from the geological boundary of Aranya to the moving boundary of human body, and invite the community staff to engage in. As an indispensable part of the community, securities, janitor and the staff of real estate and hotels, to some extent, are irreconciable hetero-elements in the selection system that the

community supports. Their routines, movements, postures and utterances can be “boundary factors” that may safeguard or change the community’s daily performances in the theater.

 Golf, 16 surveillance screens, 2019


From the entrance of Aranya community, a golf player pushes the ball to the hole located at the middle of amphitheater in Art Center. 16 survillance cameras capture 16 visuals from the entrance to the amphitheater, those visuals are shown on a projector screen in the theater. The golf player is seen successively in the 16 visuals, then disappears from the vision, till audiences see the player again as soon as he enters the amphitheater, and pushes the ball in the hole.

One day's poetry

In this section, progress is made with harmony practice, body-related workshop and games. 8 workers of Aranya community group up and conclude body postures, gestures, formal expressions and traces of body displacement they would use in daily work. Eventually, they enter a rounded

installation made of 8 romper smocks and elastic cloth. Participants drag towards the outers and break through from the installation, their action stretch the boundry of stage to the auditorium.


Thanks for the support of TaiKang space of Beijing and Aranya Art Center​

Thanks for the material from Magician space and Catch space in Beijing 

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