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Single-channel HD video, color, sound
8 min 30 sec

Here, a professional burlesque dancer dances ghostly to the artist’s rhythmic sound poem. The repetitive sound poem sensually enunciates body parts. Eyes, neck, shoulders, breasts, hips, the dancer’s movements trace the features of the female body and become progressively more perverse until the long-nailed gloves and heavy make-up are removed. The actress’s direct, provocative gaze re-examines the power relationship between looking and being looked at. The first half of the performance ends with the phrase «Words pierce my skin». Darkness accompanies Chopin’s Nocturne, the cold light of the telephone screen illuminates fragments of the dancer’s body, stripped of her make-up and performance costume, dressed in her daily workout gear, she returns to slackness, prostrate on the floor. Her eyes and arms end up trapped by the glow of the smartphone.

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