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Third verse of the Internationale, sung solo in Monaco,

2012, Video: Subtitling recorded after art action,


“The State oppresses and the law cheats, Tax bleeds the unfortunate; No duty is imposed on the rich, The rights of the poor is an empty phrase.” Strangely enough, although the third verse of the Internationale really exists and is supposedly anarchist in intent, it is never sung during demonstrations. Singing the hymn out aloud in a famous tax haven like Monaco where local inhabitants are unlikely to have ever heard it before gives voice to truths that are kept hidden, despite the action itself being absurd and naive in such an imposing setting. Broadcasting the song through a loud-hailer, the car went twice around the Grand Prix Formula 1 circuit before coming to a halt at Place du Casino square. Here, two policemen rapidly intervened to silence us and a discussion duly ensued in which the specific languages of art and politics collided, so shedding light on the narrow fissure where art finds a refuge. 

Performor: YAO Qingmei
Date: le 16 Mars 2012

The route: Monaco Grand Prix circuit The performance starts at 12:30 pm, at the start of the circuit (Bd Albert 1er) Participants and Witnesses: Jedrzej , Anne-Sophie , Agathe , Fahd , Subei

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