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Victory, Pride, Endurance
video installation
10 min.
Dimension variable
Wood, Cardboard, Fabric, metal, video projection

Based on a choreographic performance, the video is shown projected onto scenery made from recycled materials in order to recapture a sense of the three-dimensional performance space. Featured in separate areas can be seen the Goddess of Victory, a group of gymnasts in high heels and a personification of Tragedy on a podium. On the left, the Goddess of Victory sequentially says the words “victory,” “pride,” and “endurance.” She holds up an olive branch until her arm, from extreme fatigue, slowly falls. The goddess’s hand is projected onto a foam board, emphasizing the process of the olive branch falling. In the center, three female dancers march in military steps, repeating a set of mechanical and rigid gymnastic movements. A worn-out wooden board violently separates their bodies from their heads. On the right, a person holding a red ping pong paddle makes a series of despondent gestures around a podium. Her image is projected onto a red carpet.


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