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Exhibition view in Magician Space in Beijing, 2021, Video documentation
The burrow – Poetry & Song 地洞-诗&歌 03.jpg
Worrub eht – Guard & Quietness 洞地-保&安 03.jpg
Worrub eht – Landscape & Spectacle(work in progress)洞地-景&观(未完成版本)01.jpg
Outside the Northeast Corner of Building No.7, 2021

The Burrow


In her latest work, Yao Qingmei parallels the underground fortress in Franz Kafka’s short story The Burrow (1931), built by a grotesque, paranoid creature desperate to protect itself against imagined enemies, with a middle-class leisure haven and residence in China.


In the beginning of Yao’s video The Burrow -Moniteur & Control (2021), a female voice muses: “The most beautiful thing about my burrow is the stillness. Of course, that is deceptive. At any moment it may be shattered and then all will be over.” The work details the daily routine of a security guard employed at the property. Images captured by the more than 400 surveillance cameras installed

there are juxtaposed with footage of her dull tasks, such as checking the CCTV monitors in the underground central control room. A close-up shot shows the chamber’s massive central processing unit, a mesmerizing cage-like hive that eerily beeps against the pleasurable, operatic tune of Carmen (1875) in the background. In voiceover, the guard recites a poem, expressing how her experience of the external world is only permitted through the screens: “Outside the northeast corner of Building No. 7/There’s a hawthorn tree/I watched the growing of the fruits/Green, red, and gone.”



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